I am so glad that you’re here!


If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent a long time trying to figure out what and how much to eat.  I have been a dieter my whole life.  I’ve done it all:  diet shakes, extreme low-calorie, reduced-fat, pre-packaged food programs, point-counting diets, and even weight-loss tapes, and all of that before I finished middle school! 

I was told things like, "you'd be so pretty if you just lost weight" and "men just won't be interested in you unless you are thin." 

My weight was closely tied with how I felt about myself.  When I was heavier than our culture told me I should be, I felt bad.  So I dieted, again and again.

But when I got pregnant I felt like I finally had an excuse to stop dieting.  It was great.  But after my baby was born I looked at my body in horror.  When I was pregnant I felt beautiful, but without the baby inside me I felt fat and ugly.

I had a rough postpartum period.  My body was so depleted of nutrients by all of the years of dieting that once it finished building a baby, there was just nothing left.  I had undiagnosed thyroid problems and adrenal fatigue.  I was exhausted and depressed and didn't make enough milk to nourish my baby.  I continued the pattern of gaining and losing weight.  I had 3 more children and suffered all of the same postpartum issues with each of them.

My kids got older, but still I struggled with low energy, constant hunger, and my hair was falling out.  It took me years to figure out that the way I was eating was making me feel bad. 

So I began my quest to learn about nutrition.  It turns out that you and I have been lied to…for decades.  All the low-fat, reduced calorie, highly processed, artificially-sweetened foods that I was told were helping me were actually hurting me.

I changed what I ate, bringing back real, nutrient-dense, delicious food and I started feeling better! I was terrified that I would blow up like a balloon if I didn’t track and count every bite of food. But I didn’t.

So I went back to school and became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association, to help other women make friends with food and their bodies!

And now I'm here to help you.  Whether you're trying to get off the diet roller coaster or are wanting to do all you can to grow a healthy baby, I can guide you through the oftentimes confusing world of nutrition and help you reach your goals!

What I do now:

  • I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association. I use a clinical assessment to create a custom nutrition plan that addresses your unique, bio-individual needs.

  • I’m a Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach. I guide you through a 3-week program that kicks sugar cravings to the curb.

  • I’m a licensed Feed Your Fertile Body and Feed Your Pregnant Body Program Coach. I help you focus on whole-food nutrition so you can build a healthy baby.