Learn to Live Without Sugar, Part 1

When I tell people that I coach a 21-Day Sugar Detox, it’s not unusual for people to immediately say something like, “oh, I don’t think I could live without sugar!”  That’s not a surprising statement.  Sugar is everywhere.  We eat sugar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We celebrate with sugar.  We console ourselves with sugar.  And it’s hard to find a snack that doesn’t contain sugar.

So how do you live without it?  It is possible, but it has to be a conscious choice.  And it does require effort. 

 Trade and upgrade.  Start thinking about replacements for your sugary treats.  You don’t necessarily have to quit sugar all in one day.  You can start by eating foods that are sweetened with less processed alternatives like maple syrup, dates, or honey.  Or try some of the following ideas.

  • If you like to bake, check pinterest for “paleo treats” and you will find oodles of recipes.  They will likely still contain some sweetener, but it won’t be refined, white sugar.  And they usually have far less sweetener than typical sweets.

  • Replace some of your treats with fruit.  Try baking an apple, or slicing it and sautéing it in a little butter.  You may be surprised at how sweet it tastes.  Top it with cinnamon to add a little extra sweetness.

  • Check out the non-sweet treats recipes in the 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide:  https://amzn.to/2x9eOTW  

  •  Give dark chocolate a try.  I have learned to love 100% dark chocolate.  I buy the Montezuma bar from Trader Joe’s.  But the first time I bought it I took one bite, spit it out and threw the whole thing in the trash.  I hated it.  But over time I transitioned to darker and darker chocolate and now it is my favorite.  So if you aren’t used to it, start with a 70% and work your way up.

  •  Cut sugary foods out of your breakfast.  Need help with this?  Click below to receive my free Better Breakfast Cheat Sheet.  These are quick and easy Trade and Upgrade recipes that will help you get your day off to a great start!

 You can learn to live without sugar.  It may take time, but cutting back little by little will get you there.  And you may be surprised.  Like me, you may find that your tastes change as you make the transition.  Sugar may actually start to lose some of its appeal!

Kathy Kiger