Find the Confidence to Do a 21-Day Sugar Detox

Are you interested in doing a 21-Day Sugar Detox, but you’re worried that you won’t be able to make it? Here are some common worries and how I'll support you through them!

Common Fears and Concerns
I don’t think I can go that long without sugar. What about cravings?
1. It is an adjustment, but you will learn strategies to deal with cravings.
2. We crave what we eat. For most people cravings fade pretty quickly.
3. You’ll learn what foods to eat to keep you satisfied.
4. You’ll have access to non-sweet treat recipes for when you are hankering for a treat.

I don’t know what I’ll eat if I don’t eat sugar and processed foods.
1. During the Detox, you can utilize the recipes and meal plans in The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide.
2. I’ll point you to additional resources to find lots of recipes and ideas.
3. We’ll have a pre-detox call to talk about what to have on hand.

I’ve tried things like this before and quit. What if I can’t do it?
1. We’ll put a big emphasis on your “why” to keep you motivated.
2. You will have the support of coaching calls, daily readings in the Guide, and support from other detoxers through the 21dsd big fb group, and a private facebook group just for participants in our group.

I don’t think my family is going to want to do it with me.
1. The coaching calls will address how to deal with many varied situations, including how to navigate family meals, and how to deal with unsupportive people
2. The recipes in the book are so good your family won’t realize it’s detox food.

It sounds hard
1. It is. But you’ve done harder things than this.
2. You’ll have lots of support from me, the book and other people on the detox.

You can do this! Doing a 21-Day Sugar Detox is an investment in your health and well-being. You will feel better, and gain confidence. And when your detox is over you will know your body better, and be in an empowered place to decide for yourself which foods work for you, and which foods just aren’t worth it.

Kathy Kiger